Thank you for visiting KC Marine Services.  We have been proudly serving Florida’s Gold Coast for over 20 years with national and international clientele.  We now specialize in surveying and consulting.

Kelly Carver, owner KC Marine Services, Surveyor, ABYC Technician

 Kelly Carver has been in the boating industry since 1986.  His extensive experience on both sailing vessels and motor yachts includes project management, captaining vessels, hurricane preparedness, electrical and corrosion troubleshooting as well as technical repairs and maintenance.  He has sailed and motored boats on the Florida Intercoastal, The Florida Keys, Hawaii, California, The Great Lakes, Bahamas, Turks and Cacaos Islands, Virgin Islands, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

 He believes that proper maintenance of your boat minimizes the need for expensive repairs. It's always less expensive to do it right the first time!  He is known to be one of the most thorough and honest surveyors in the business.  Often times the vessel seller has said “I want you to survey the next boat I buy.”

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