September 2016

Morning, Kelly,

Took 24 Hrs underway Sat & Sun.  Engine ran dramatically better.  2600 rpm, 180* temp, no steam.

Great job finding that obstruction!  That's why we bring you around every 6 months.

You are THE best!

 Anson Mulder, Captain, S/Y 24 Hours, 2014 Oyster

January 2013

I recommend KC Marine for the following reasons:


* Management will establish a "Customer Profile" to include: Contacts, Boat location, Access, Customer needs, Payment arrangements, etc.

* Each project receives a quote, customer directions associated with the quote and follow up after the tasks have been completed.

Technical Expertise

* All work is performed to a Marine Industry standard called ABYC.

* Management has the ability to select from various highly trained Service Technicians that can meet the demands of that work to be performed.

* If KC Marine is not the best source for the customer request, the customer will be referred to the best source.

Customer Service

* KC Marine will communicate with you even if they have more work than they can immediately handle.

* They arrive at the customer's work location when arranged and complete the task as scheduled.

* If the project changes along the way, they change to support the customer's needs.

* Advice on the best method to approach a project is always supported.

Bob Reily, S/V Gypsea, 46' Broadblue, Catmaran

September 2016

In November 2015 I requested the services of KC Marine Services, as I was under contract to purchase a 2007 Meridian 341.  Being that I live in Lighthouse Point and the boat was in Naples, it was necessary to travel for the survey.  Kelly was prompt, and very well prepared, the survey uncovered many issues that I never would have realized without his professional survey.  In the end, I made the choice to withdraw the purchase option.

Once I was on to another boat; Kelly also completed the survey. This time it was all good, and within the normal expected items that needed to be addressed. I purchased the boat and still use Kelly and KC Marine Services for my routine checkups.

I would recommend KC Marine Services, and Kelly to anyone looking to purchase a boat new or used.


Mike Peters, Owner, M/Y B Nauty, 2006 Meridian

October 2016

I have used Kelly Carver with KC Marine for several years now.

The boat I had was a nightmare needing various repairs including fiberglass, electrical and many other problems.

I've used Kelly as a surveyor for my new boat, a 2017 37 ft Midnight Express, and his company for repairs for my past boat.

He's also helped my brother who has a 48 foot Sea Ray.

We both find him and his staff very courteous and professional. It appears to me that most people in the marine business are completely incompetent.

And best of all when he does a repair, I don't have to get it fixed again by somebody else!

Marc Tupler, Owner, 2017 Midnight Express, Previous Owner of M/Y iBoat, Deep Impact 

What Our Customer's Say

April 2015

Hi Kelly;
Orient Express is Great. I am still using it as much as possible on the lagoon! I am now retired and I spend a lot of time to taking care of her.

I thank you and will not forget what you have done for her.

Jean Dirheimer, Owner, M/Y Orient Express, Trawler

January 2013

Kelly -

You have been extremely wonderful in helping us.  I can not express my completed gratitude for your crew and you and your excellence and experience you have shown us.
As always your are wonderful.  Thank you

Bonnie, Owner, M/Y Canes, Bertrum 28


My wife and I first met Kelly Carver when he was the Service Manager for President Yachts in South Florida in 1998. One of the reasons we purchased our President 545 was because we were so impressed with not only Kelly’s straight-forward answers to our questions but also his suggestions as to what else we might want done on the boat to accommodate our desires and life style.

          For the last 18 years we’ve turned to KC Marine to maintain our lovely yacht, despite it residing in Georgia. KC Marine has provided standard maintenance but, more importantly, continued to provide us objective advice as to what needed to be repaired as well as what preemptive actions should be taken to keep our vessel in top running condition.

          Several years ago the KC Marine ‘team’ also came to our rescue and managed the entire process of replacing one of our CAT 3208 engines. While in Georgia and working on our motor yacht they totally refurbished our 35.5 Irwin sailboat. We couldn’t have been happier.

          One of the things we really appreciate with Kelly is his honest opinions coupled with recommendations. Similar to other boat owners, you don’t want to hear about what needs to be fixed and what it will cost but my wife and I know that when Kelly tells us what needs to be done we trust his judgment as he knows what he’s doing.

KC Marine can handle any job one’s boat needs. We know, because he’s done it for us for 18+ years!

Craig Richards, Owner, M/Y Summer Santuary, 1991 President 54